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These three courses cover most advanced techniques you will find on handpans today - with David K, Nadishana and Kirill Osherov.

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If you...

already know your way around the instrument

want to know all the advanced playing techniques out there

want to learn from virtuoso musicians who have years of experience and perform and teach around the world

are not afraid to practice and challenge yourself

then this course is perfect for you!


I am absolutely thrilled. The Dojo is worth every Penny and David explains every lesson very well and detailed. The lessons sped up my personal progress immensely and I’m looking forward to Level 3! Website and production are super professionell. Many thanks for everything I learned!

Stefan Remärk



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A cover art showing the name, level and teacher of the respective handpan dojo course

Level 3 - Advanced

If you already know what you’re doing on the handpan and want to progress to a professional level, this course is for you. We kick off with a technique checkup, to make sure that you don’t carry any bad habits with you.
Then we move on to advanced techniques and musical concepts to expand your range of expression on the instrument! Split-Hand and a variety of double stroke techniques will enable you to play fast rolls and patterns. We also tackle advanced musical topics such as how to create space in your music, polyrhythms and how to stay relaxed in fast tempo.

A cover art showing the name, level and teacher of the respective handpan dojo course

Advanced Handpan Techniques

Nadishana is a unique musician and an absolute technical powerhouse on the instrument.
He developed a wide range of playing techniques, many of which have been adapted into the standard repertoire of professional handpan players.

You will learn the famous Nadishana roll and how to utilise each single finger in snapping and fingernail rolls inspired by Flamenco and Iranian music.

If you want to learn from one of the most unique musical minds in the handpan world and push yourself to the limit and explore a wide range of creative and virtuoso handpan techniques, this course is for you.

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Your Instructors

Kirill Osherov has started his journey as a musician in 2010 taking workshops at the Labyrinth festival on Crete Island, Greece. While having ethnic percussion classes back in 2005 he saw the importance in exploring the tradition, went strait for the source and learned from the best. He soon had the opportunity to boost his skills with such masters as Pedram Khavarzamini, Zohar Fresko, Misirli Ahmet, and Aleix Tobias.

Soon after he became the sole percussionist in Russia to master the classical Iranian tombak. It is a remarkable instrument with a unique deep trace sound designed to showcase a refined technique of a skilled musician.

Later in 2016 Kirill begins a series of musical experiments with Hang drum to unleash his new talent in melody composition. This new musical avenue leads him into collaboration with Gennady Lavrentiev and Paata Chekaberia and Treugolnyy Son Project. It quickly evolves into a series of vibrant performances with intoxicating fusion of the World, Ethno and Jazz styles. The Treugolnyy Son had an initial kick off at the LevelDva, the Russian Chillrave label and now proclaims to be one of the most innovative styles in the live music scene.

Kirill performed on the same stage with such musicians and projects as: Ross Daly, Kelly Thoma, Efren Lopes, Pedram Khavarzamini, Zohar Fresco, Derya Turkan, Misirli Ahmet, Aleix Tobias, Yurdal Toksan, Stelios Petrakis, Ido Segal, Hooshang Farahani, Kourosh Ghazvineh, Syavash Valipoor, Xristos Barbas, Norayr Barsegyan, Sergey Starostin, Nadishana, David Kuckhermann, Kabesao, Hang Massive, Avi Adir, David Swarup, Alisbar, Authentic Light Orchestra, Seven Eight Band, Matsumoto Zoku, Farafi, Marimba Plus, Geju, Betelgeize.

Kirill writes music for theater, cinema, audio books, holds music seminars in different natural places in Russia, and teaching in Moscow percussion school.
Kirill is a member of the international orchestra "Mitos" patronized by Ross Daly in Crete.

Festivals: Usadba Jazz, Wild Mint, KAMWA, World Drums, UFO HANG FEST, Labyrinth Music, Juwish Music Festival in Amsterdam, ETHNO DRUM, Empty Hills, Mandala Fest, Sun Drums, TRIMURTI and many others.
Kirill travels with tours and master classes to India, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands, Ukraine, Belarus.

David Kuckhermann is a Grammy nominated and world renowned handpan player and percussionist based in Berlin, Germany. His musical teaching methods are based on more than 20+ years of playing and professional teaching experience.
He has taught more than 10,000 students from all around the world as the founder of online instrument education schools: Handpan Dojo and World Percussion Academy.

His Youtube channel has more than 10 million views and features a wide selection of performances and educational videos:.

He has performed his solo repertoire in famous concert halls including the Royal Albert Hall in London England, the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley in California and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

He currently tours the world as freelancer, soloist and band-member of Dead Can Dance as well as teaching masterclasses for handpan players and percussionists.

Nadishana (Siberia - Berlin) is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and designer of experimental musical instruments.

He's an innovator in the field of contemporary ethnic music and one of the musicians who are shaping and developing the culture of melodic finger percussion (handpan, rav).

The use of odd meters, polyphony, 'split hand' technique, progressive harmonies, complex articulation - are characteristic features of Nadishana's original style.

He elaborated the unique playing technique on each of his instruments and his own approach to advanced digital audio editing called "sound microsurgery".

In 1990 along with studying in Sankt-Petersburg V. Nadishana began his self-education in playing guitar. Then he became seriously interested in ethnic music and mastered himself other instruments: sitar, mandola, chanzy, bouzouki, jew's harp, kou xiang, khomus, morsing, ethnic percussion (tongue drums, hang, udu, frame drums, berimbao etc); winds (bansuri, quena, overtone flutes, kalyuka, zhaleyka, gayda, hu-lu-si, bawu, tsaaj nplaim), fretless bass. Besides he has created some experimental musical instruments: dzuddahord, darbudu, pruzhingum, plastrimbaphon, rablorrum, ghostcatcher, pin-sansa, rod-spring gamelan, banbang etc.

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