Friends & Colleagues

Friends and Colleagues from the handpan community

Veritas Sound Sculptures

After working with the Saraz team for several years, Josh Rivera started building his own instruments a while ago. He has a unique touch, is an excellent tuner and offers retuning service for many other established handpan makers. Make sure to check out his newer low register instruments, they sound incredible.

Yishama Pantams

Making some of the best handpans in the world, Yishama's are made by Yhonatan Ale-Yahav and his team in Israel. Incredible build quality and constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible on handpans, we can't recommend them highly enough!


Friend, brother, musician extraordinaire!

Kirill Osherov

I know Kirill from way back. Amazing musician, tonbak and handpan player.

Amy Naylor

Amy Naylor is a handpan player, songwriter, percussionist and music practitioner from England. Wherever she goes, Amy hopes to discover, share, and connect.


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