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Dr. Baran Yildiz

A teacher, teaching handpan courses on the online platform


Baran Yildiz is a Sydney based multi-instrumentalist and his music combines melodies and rhythms of the Anatolia, Middle East and Africa with a modern touch on the hand pan, piano and other percussion instruments.

Baran was originally trained in classical piano during early childhood. He continued his musical training at the conservatorium during school and his passion has led him to pursue further education in music theory at some of the world's leading music institutions.

Baran has gradually become a contemporary world music composer and released two albums: ‘Interbeing’ (September 2019) and Bridging Worlds (October 2023), blending various modern world and neo-classical music elements.

Baran pushes the boundaries of the handpan instrument through the power of music theory, experimenting with different melodic layers and collaborating with other leading instrumentalists. He is regularly invited to perform at the leading world music venues and festivals across Australia.

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Dr. Baran Yildiz

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