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Handpan 101

Get started for free and play your first composition in no time!

If you...

love the sound of the handpan

want to get started for free

want to learn a musical instrument in a fun and playful way

want to build a solid foundation and develop good playing habits

then this course is perfect for you!


I bought your beginner course and am so happy - now you’re my new friend in the living room and even teach me handpan! 😉😉😉 Every lesson is structured wonderfully so it’s easy to follow! I especially like the on-screen musical notation!

Birgit Aust



Course Length:

7 videos

🎬 Hello and Welcome! (0:22)

🎬 1. Basic Technique - Tone Fields (5:18)

🎬 2. Basic Technique - Tak (1:03)

🎬 3. Basic Groove (1:25)

🎬 4. Let's add melodies! (5:26)

🎬 5. Composition (2:19)

🎬 6. Congratulations! Now where to go from here? (0:50)

In this course you will...

learn the basic sounds on the handpan

play your first groove on your instrument

get to know our teaching system including player perspective videos and animated on-screen notations

create your first composition from the groove you learned.

experience how easy and joyful it can be to play music on this wonderful instrument.

Your Instructor

David Kuckhermann is a Grammy nominated and world renowned handpan player and percussionist based in Berlin, Germany. His musical teaching methods are based on more than 20+ years of playing and professional teaching experience.
He has taught more than 10,000 students from all around the world as the founder of online instrument education schools: Handpan Dojo and World Percussion Academy.

His Youtube channel has more than 10 million views and features a wide selection of performances and educational videos:.

He has performed his solo repertoire in famous concert halls including the Royal Albert Hall in London England, the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley in California and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

He currently tours the world as freelancer, soloist and band-member of Dead Can Dance as well as teaching masterclasses for handpan players and percussionists.

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