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Express and Create

Join Amy for a creative journey with your handpan and expand your musical toolkit.

If you...

love the sound of the handpan

want to learn a musical instrument in a fun and playful way

Like to sing along or learn how to accompany other musicians

want to find your own unique voice on the handpan

then this Course is perfect for you!


Next to being a very talented and skilled player, Amy is just an awesome human being. She really brings joy & light to the table which makes working with her a blast. Her exercises are helpful, easy to follow, great for beginners as well as for more skilled players. If you want to learn & have fun, learn with Amy!

Ralf Silvius



Find your own voice on the handpan with Amy

Course Length:

45 Video Lessons

Check out a class sample with one of Amy's Improv Launchpads


1. Expression Tools

2. Improvisation Launchpads

3. Orbit

4. D Kurd Party

5. Accompaniment

With this course you will...

want to approach the handpan in a playful way

want to get started with improvising

expand your expressive tools on the handpan

wanna build beautiful patterns to accompany yourself and others

learn 4 of Amy's compositions and songs on the way

Your Instructor

Amy is a handpan player, songwriter, percussionist and music practicioner from the UK.

The power of music and its ability to build connection between strangers, communities, nature, and the self is what drives Amy to travel and share her unique approach to creating sound. Knowing just how transformative and empowering the simple act of playing music together can be, Amy crafts her performances and workshops to create a space where this connection can blossom. She has a diverse repertoire of modern mantras, poignant but often playful songs, and uplifting melodies that are constantly evolving as she shifts from place to place.

She first learned to sing and drum as a child around festival campfires and as she grew to find her own voice, she quickly fell in love with the handpan, discovering it to be the perfect instrument for her vision. She has since become a familiar face in the global handpan community, offering workshops, tutorials and private tuition. She is a certified music educator through Trinity College London, with a background in therapeutic music and training in Taiko drumming.

Wherever she goes, Amy hopes to discover, share, and connect.

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A cover art showing the name, level and teacher of the respective handpan dojo course
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Improvise, compose, play, practice and develop your creative music toolkit with Amy and David. Includes Express & Create and Composition on the handpan courses.

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