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Groove Bundle

Two courses with focus on grooves, beats and rhythms

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If you want to...

expand your repertoire of grooves

learn about odd-metre rhythms and polyrhythms

develop grooves into musical compositions

get two unique perspectives and approaches

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Lots of material presented in clear and concise manner that allows you to focus on the actual work you have to do without any distractions or additional hurdles. Great if you are serious about learning the instrument. Just learn to enjoy the practice and then huge amounts of progress and lots of...

Petar Kostov



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A cover art showing the name, level and teacher of the respective handpan dojo course

Level 2 - Intermediate

In the Level 2 course, we build on your existing skills and and dive deeper into the world of handpan, percussion and music in general.
Independence exercises will allow you to compose and improvise melodies in a structured way.
In the chords chapter you will build a repertoire of rhythmic patterns that allow you to turn any chord progression into a groovy sequence.
You will learn about odd metres and other unusual rhythms and towards the end of the course we start working on some advanced double stroke techniques and finish with the Afro-Cuban Floating Hand technique and some challenging breakbeat patterns.

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Raised by musician parents in France, at the age of 6, Michaël discovered his true passion: "Mum, Dad, I want to be a drummer!" Just a few months later, he fearlessly stepped onto a stage, facing hundreds of people, and mesmerized the audience with his drumming skills.

Having spent twelve years studying at music school, Michaël's hunger for knowledge and desire to explore other percussion instruments became insatiable. He embarked on a remarkable journey around the world, seeking out renowned teachers and engaging in jam sessions to expand his musical horizons.

Everywhere he traveled, he humbly learned from the best, skillfully incorporating his newfound knowledge into his own distinctive style. His unique approach involved blending classical music with the rhythms of African instruments, and fusing the beats of electronic drum and bass with the soulful sound of the handpan.

In Japan, he has earned the well-deserved title of "Groove Master," a testament to his exceptional talent and relentless dedication to his craft.

David Kuckhermann is a Grammy nominated and world renowned handpan player and percussionist based in Berlin, Germany. His musical teaching methods are based on more than 20+ years of playing and professional teaching experience.
He has taught more than 10,000 students from all around the world as the founder of online instrument education schools: Handpan Dojo and World Percussion Academy.

His Youtube channel has more than 10 million views and features a wide selection of performances and educational videos:.

He has performed his solo repertoire in famous concert halls including the Royal Albert Hall in London England, the Greek Theatre at UC Berkeley in California and the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tennessee.

He currently tours the world as freelancer, soloist and band-member of Dead Can Dance as well as teaching masterclasses for handpan players and percussionists.

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